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Mike Heit knows the importance of Country Grocer Men’s Health Day

Mike Heit, PhD, is a 71-year-old retired professional economist who lives a very healthy lifestyle and is pro-active about his health by getting lots of exercise, eating well and making time for annual medical checkups.

Mike typically attends Island Prostate Centre’s Country Grocer Men’s Health Day every year but missed two concurrent years. Mike returned to Men’s Health Day in 2016 for a PSA test and was surprised to learn that his PSA level had increased significantly. Mike knew he was in trouble and got an immediate referral to a Urologist.

Mike’s Urologist arranged a series of urgent testing – a CT scan, an MRI, a biopsy and another PSA test after which Mike learned that he is in the top 3 percentile risk for aggressive prostate cancer. His urologist advised him that without treatment, he would have a life expectancy of less than 1.5 years!

Prostate cancer patients are expected to take an active role in their treatment decisions and this is where IPC can help. Mike conferred with IPC’s Support Nurse and explored our onsite lending library in addition to visiting the public library, local book stores and reading journals on the internet. Prostate cancer treatment is unique in that optional treatments relative to ones’ risk are presented and only then does the patient make the final decision. Mike is still exploring his treatment options and will likely augment hormone (ADT) therapy and both external beam and brachytherapy radiation.

In prostate cancer research, exercise has been identified as a lifestyle factor that may reduce risk and provide benefit during treatment. As a cycling enthusiast, Mike logs over 6000 kms a year and hits the gym twice a week. Despite undergoing current ADT therapy, he is surprised that his performance levels have dropped only slightly and he continues to train at a high level. Given that exercise is encouraged to mitigate the side effects of cancer treatment, Mike finds great benefit in his favorite activity.

Mike attends IPC’s Prostate Cancer Support Group on the second Tuesday of every month and participates in the weekly volunteer led walking group at IPC as he navigates his way through his treatment options.

“Given my very aggressive cancer, my treatment options are narrower than most. I have every reason to encourage men to know the early signs of prostate cancer and get an annual PSA test either with your GP or by visiting Country Grocer Men’s Health Day every September.”

BPM – “To the beat we live, to the beat we ride!”

As a locally owned independent small business, BPM knows the importance of giving back to our community. We’ve chosen Island Prostate Centre as our charity of choice, which we support throughout the year.

My family knows, first-hand, how important it is to have support when faced with a prostate cancer diagnosis. My husband, James, an avid mountain biker, has always been proactive about his health by staying active and making healthy nutritional choices (he’s a pescatarian). We knew that prostate cancer was in his family, but we were no less frightened when James was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2010. Island Prostate Centre is the place to go to find information and support when navigating the various treatment options for prostate cancer. Click here to see all of the IPC programs available. 

BPM has chosen to support Island Prostate Centre by taking donations at Karma classes at our local spin studio so that men and their families can get the help they need. We were also active participants at the Raymond James Father’s Day Walk/Run by providing prizing for individual fundraisers. Even our instructors get in on community engagement – our BPM instructor Hannah volunteered her time at the run to lead the warm up for the participants! As a small business, don’t think that you can’t make a difference!

When caught and treated early, prostate cancer has a 90 – 95% survival rate! At BPM we encourage you to eat well, stay active and know your PSA numbers.

Yours in good health,
Sally Larrington-Brown (Owner)


Father’s Day is going to be great morning- here are your last minute details!

The weather is looking great – Sunday’s forecast is calling for sun and warm weather!  
Time to dry off the running shoes, open up the sunscreen and support all men diagnosed with prostate cancer!
We have a great morning planned for you.  Here’s what you can expect:
– a great 5K or 10k route to get a head start on working off the delicious pancake breakfast you are going to eat when you are done!
BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND:  cross the finish line, you get a medal…chocolate medal from Rocky Mountain Chocolates that is!
Four Frames Photo Booth will be back, taking some super shots of you and your entire family.  Get ready to get goofy!
– Bouncy castle, face painting, make a craft for dad – everything you need to keep the kids entertained!
– live music
– make sure you plan to bring a few extra bucks – this year we are running a 50 / 50 draw (it won’t be too late to buy your dad a REALLY nice gift with these winnings!!!)
All of this PLUS supporting a really good cause.  Your Father’s Day plans cannot get any better!!!

If you have signed up already, there is still time to raise some extra funds!  Check out these great fundraising incentive prizes!

Raise $250
Your name is entered into 3 draws for Jugo Juice for a year.
Raise $500
Your name is entered for a BPM Drop In Spin Class Card along with Jugo Juice for a year.
Raise $1000

Your name is entered to win a fully installed Shaw PVR.

Where do you pick up your event (i.e. race package) goodies?
Race packages will be available at Frontrunners (1200 Vancouver Street) on:
Friday, June 16th, 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Saturday, June 17th, 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Remaining packages will be available at the Registration Tent on event day.

Do you know of someone else that would like to join you on Sunday?
 (online registration will be open until Friday, June 16th at 6:00 pm)

Thanks to Raymond James, 100% of the money raised will fund the free programs and services provided by Island Prostate Centre.

Looking forward to seeing you on Father’s Day!

I am running in honour of my dad. Who will you be running for?

Last summer, I had the delight of spending two weeks cycling through South Korea with my daughter.  She lives a world away, in Edinburgh, so it was special that we could share an activity that we both love.  It reminded me of the sailing trips I used to have with my Dad; we were both passionate about sailing!

My Dad died far too young, of prostate cancer.  Dad had the aggressive kind that eventually spread to his back, which made it difficult for him to walk . . . and sail.   My Dad’s generation didn’t talk about prostate cancer.  It was widely believed that prostate cancer was something you didn’t treat.  The popular belief is that men die with prostate cancer, not from it.

If my Dad had access to awareness and screening programs at an organization like Island Prostate Centre, he might have been diagnosed and treated earlier and we could have had many more adventures together.

I met a man recently, I’ll call him Adam. Adam had important life work to finish but he could only work on it for one week in every three. The other two weeks he was too sick from his chemo treatments. Adam is now fighting for his life because of prostate cancer. His family and friends are asking why he didn’t get it checked before it was too late. Adam is asking himself the same question.  My Dad was the same, he didn’t get checked.

It’s stories like this that motivate me to actively volunteer and support Island Prostate Centre in every way I can.  As an active volunteer on IPC’s Board of Directors, I see many men who are empowered to make informed quality of life decisions about their prostate health.  This is why I support IPC monthly, belong to the Gifts of Five Circle, have sponsored the Raymond James Father’s Day Walk/Run through my business of Serenity Home Care and have signed up as a fundraising runner for the last 5 years.

I know that as a son of a father who had prostate cancer, I need to keep a close eye on things.  With early detection, prostate cancer can be treated before it spreads. This is where Island Prostate Centre comes in. Island Prostate Centre provides free PSA tests, educates men on the importance of getting checked regularly and supports men and their families who are facing a diagnosis.

Island Prostate Centre is here to prevent stories like Adam’s and my Dad’s.

Island Prostate Centre does not charge for its service and does not receive government funding. On June 18th I will be running in the Raymond James Father’s Day Run for Prostate Cancer because if you can’t run from it, run for it!  Please join me!

To register for the Raymond James Father’s Day Walk / Run – click here

To make a donation to IPC –  click here

To volunteer –  click here

For sponsorship opportunities click here 

Raymond James – Life Well Lived

Raymond James – Life Well Lived

By Andre Valade, Senior Vice President, Branch Manager at Raymond James Ltd.

Raymond James and its employees share a desire to give back to the communities in which we work and live. We believe that being active in our communities helps us continue to grow a successful business and build strong personal relationships.

Across the firm, our people volunteer their time and talents to make a difference in the lives of others.  Here in Victoria, Raymond James is the title sponsor of Island Prostate Centre’s Father’s Day Walk/Run in support of prostate cancer.  This annual event takes place on Father’s Day, this year, on June 18, 2017.

At Raymond James, we know that prostate cancer affects one in eight men in our communities.   Because of our sponsorship, 100% of funds raised will directly support programs and services at Island Prostate Centre that serve men and their families on Vancouver Island.

What is Island Prostate Centre? 

Island Prostate Centre is a small local organization that provides supporting programming to men and their families when they are faced with a prostate cancer diagnosis. Their on-site registered nurse provides in-person and by-phone private support for men in pre-treatment, during treatment and post-treatment decision making stages.This nurse support program and all of their other survivorship programs are free and no referral is necessary.  To visit IPC’s website, please click here.

 Other Island Prostate Centre Programs include:

  • Prostate Cancer Support Group with expert presenters
  • Cancer recovery exercise program with a certified sports and cancer exercise therapist
  • Diet and nutrition program
  • Lending library and comprehensive website
  • Free psychological counselling

We know we can’t run from prostate cancer so we are running for it!​  Run with Us!

Join us at Raymond James in supporting the men and their families in our communities:

Consider forming a team and participating in the event – click here to register

Sponsor the event as a business owner – click here to sponsor

Make a donation in support of Island Prostate Centre – click here