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“Little did I know that the programs and services that they provide would become so personally important to me.”

IPC Volunteer Spotlight

Prostate Cancer Survivors, Mothers, Fathers & Friends. 

The heart of Island Prostate Centre is made up of an incredible team of individuals who donate their time and effort to support our cause. The success of our programs, events and organizational governance, would not be possible without the help of our volunteer team.

Each one of our volunteers holds a unique story of what led them to be involved in Island Prostate Centre’s mission. We aim to share these stories with you each month to spotlight the admirable backgrounds of these individuals.

Our Volunteers
Meet Svein

“My involvement with Island Prostate Centre started back in 2010 when I participated in their annual Westcoast Motorcycle Ride to Live fundraising event.

Little did I know that the programs and services that they provide would become so personally important to me. I am now proud to say that, thanks to Island Prostate Centre, I am a prostate cancer survivor and a volunteer on their Board of Directors.

Back in 2016, a good friend and supporter of the Centre, asked me to join him at the Country Grocer Men’s Health Day, the annual free PSA testing day funded by IPC. After some coaxing by my partner, I attended the clinic. When my doctor received the results of my blood test, he put me on regular tests to monitor my PSA number. After a spike in the PSA level, it was confirmed that I did in fact have prostate cancer. I had my treatment in February of 2018 and since then have been clear.

If it wasn’t for the programs of IPC, and the encouragement of good friends, I would never have known so early that I had the disease. Dealing with the disease at a later stage would have been difficult, and potentially could have had a less desirable outcome.  Because of this, I feel that it is important to get the message out to everyone that early diagnosis is key. I have, therefore, gladly agreed to sit on the Board of Directors for the Centre, and in my business as a local Realtor I contribute $100 a transaction in support of their work.

2020 was a strange year for everyone, and one we do not want to repeat anytime soon so let’s hope that 2021 sees things turn around and we get back to something a little more normal. Like all not-for-profit organizations, IPC is in great need for ongoing financial and volunteer support to see it carry on with its important programs to save and improve the quality of lives for so many men, and their families on the island.”


Meet Robert

“I have been volunteering with Island Prostate Centre for almost 10 years. After going through treatment for prostate cancer, I reached out to the clinic and spoke with the Nurse Navigator and borrowed some resources from the library. During my reading, I learned that hormone treatment can result in bone density loss. To counter act that, weight bearing exercise was recommended, so I began walking.

After radiation, I attended the Prostate Cancer support group sessions and slowly became more involved. The Walking Group was formed in August 2013. Very few of the original group walk now, but there is a group who have been around for some time. It’s a social gathering with good camaraderie. Notices go out twice a week, but many walkers have contributed to the routes which cover a wide part of Greater Victoria.”

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