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Last summer, I had the delight of spending two weeks cycling through South Korea with my daughter.  She lives a world away, in Edinburgh, so it was special that we could share an activity that we both love.  It reminded me of the sailing trips I used to have with my Dad; we were both passionate about sailing!

My Dad died far too young, of prostate cancer.  Dad had the aggressive kind that eventually spread to his back, which made it difficult for him to walk . . . and sail.   My Dad’s generation didn’t talk about prostate cancer.  It was widely believed that prostate cancer was something you didn’t treat.  The popular belief is that men die with prostate cancer, not from it.

If my Dad had access to awareness and screening programs at an organization like Island Prostate Centre, he might have been diagnosed and treated earlier and we could have had many more adventures together.

I met a man recently, I’ll call him Adam. Adam had important life work to finish but he could only work on it for one week in every three. The other two weeks he was too sick from his chemo treatments. Adam is now fighting for his life because of prostate cancer. His family and friends are asking why he didn’t get it checked before it was too late. Adam is asking himself the same question.  My Dad was the same, he didn’t get checked.

It’s stories like this that motivate me to actively volunteer and support Island Prostate Centre in every way I can.  As an active volunteer on IPC’s Board of Directors, I see many men who are empowered to make informed quality of life decisions about their prostate health.  This is why I support IPC monthly, belong to the Gifts of Five Circle, have sponsored the Raymond James Father’s Day Walk/Run through my business of Serenity Home Care and have signed up as a fundraising runner for the last 5 years.

I know that as a son of a father who had prostate cancer, I need to keep a close eye on things.  With early detection, prostate cancer can be treated before it spreads. This is where Island Prostate Centre comes in. Island Prostate Centre provides free PSA tests, educates men on the importance of getting checked regularly and supports men and their families who are facing a diagnosis.

Island Prostate Centre is here to prevent stories like Adam’s and my Dad’s.

Island Prostate Centre does not charge for its service and does not receive government funding. On June 18th I will be running in the Raymond James Father’s Day Run for Prostate Cancer because if you can’t run from it, run for it!  Please join me!

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