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Ask any wife or partner of a man who has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer and they will tell you that this cancer is not just the man’s issue, it is a family diagnosis. Island Prostate Centre has been helping local men and their families for more than 17 years. We directly support them through this journey as they navigate their cancer diagnosis, educate themselves on treatment options, and ultimately support them right through to recovery.

Just ask Terri Heit – She’ll tell you that when her husband Mike got an advanced cancer diagnosis after visiting IPC’s Country Grocer Men’s Health Day, she shared equally in the anxiety and fear of what this would mean for Mike and her.  Listen here to their story that was shared on CHEK News in September.


Terri told us that Mike wasn’t the only one who benefited from IPC’s supportive programmes.

“When Mike was first diagnosed, I just didn’t know where to start. I didn’t know anything about prostate cancer or how to help. When we made our first appointment, the nurse spent nearly 2 hours with us which was so helpful because we were completely overwhelmed. And I can’t say enough about the presentations at the Support Group – it is such good information and there are a whole bunch of people there going through the exact same thing.

What makes me feel secure is knowing that Mike is getting the help and information he needs. I find it personally assuring that IPC can give Mike the specific support he needs in addition to what I can give him.”

Island Prostate Centre has been helping Vancouver Island men and their families for more than 17 years, and we do this without the benefit of health authority funding or grants from any level of government. Even those very public fundraising initiatives that involve facial hair growing and shaving during the month of November leave the island and do not benefit Vancouver Island men with prostate cancer who need the help of our Centre.

More than ever, Island Prostate Centre needs your help! Please support our fundraising campaign by realizing the importance of giving where you live.